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If you are visiting us in connection with a baptism then you will be made very welcome.  When you first come through the front door of church building, one of the welcomers will ask you if you are here for the baptism and then take you down to the front of the church where the family and friends will be gathering.  The baptism itself takes place during the first part of the service, after the first hymn and prayer and before the children go through to the halls for Sunday School.  If you are bringing very young children, you can register them in the crèche beforehand or they can remain with you in the service.  We are delighted when visiting children (aged 3+) choose to join in with the Sunday school groups – anyone wanting to do this should simply head through to the halls with the other children at the appropriate time in the service.  Afterwards, everyone in the baptismal party is very welcome to stay on for tea, coffee and a chance to chat.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would refrain from taking photographs during the service as this can be distracting. Instead please take them either beforehand or after the service has finished.