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A Typical Worship Service

In a typical worship service the adults and the children aged 3+ begin worship together.  Before the service people are free to move around and to speak to those sitting near them.  The service itself starts with a welcome and some notices of the events and meetings that are going to happen in week(s) ahead.  Then we stand to sing the first hymn and after it is finished we remain standing for the collection to be brought forward to the front of the church.  When we sing the words are projected onto a screen at the front of the church, but hymn books are available if you would prefer to use one.  The screen is also often used to show images and short videos to help us in our worship. We then sit to pray and at the end of this prayer we say the Lord’s Prayer together.

Usually we then have a ‘scene setter’.  This is something for adults and children to get us all thinking more about the worship theme for the morning.  This theme is more often than not the same for the Sunday School and the adults, so ‘scene setter’ is an all-age introduction to what lies ahead.  We often have the first Bible reading during this part of the service.  After this, we sing a hymn/song suitable for all-ages and then the children and young people head through to the halls to meet in their own age groups.

There is then a further Bible reading and the sermon follows on from this.  In hearing the Bible being read and in thinking about what it says, we are waiting and expecting God to speak to us.  We believe that God through His Holy Spirit is present with us in worship and that listening to what He might be saying is potentially a life changing experience. After the sermon, we sing another hymn - one that picks up the theme of the service and helps us commit ourselves to God’s word.  There is then more time for prayer – this time focussing on our own lives and what is happening in the wider world.  We close the service with a final hymn, after which we remain standing for the blessing and the sung amen which concludes the worship. The whole service usually lasts about one hour.  Afterwards tea and coffee is brought into the church and many people remain to chat with old and new friends.

Of course....not every service is typical!  We sometimes have all-age worship where we all gather together to reflect on a series of services that have taken place in the preceding weeks.   We also enjoy the Sundays when Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade are on parade – these services are always just a little bit different.  We also have many baptisms and if you would like to know more about what happens on a baptism Sunday then please click here.