Baljaffray Church Buildings

Baljaffray Parish Church building with tree

Baljaffray Parish Church is situated on Grampian Way, Baljaffray, Bearsden. The building is a modern multi-purpose one; it was erected on the site of the former Bearsden North Church (Baljaffray) Hall, completed and consecrated for worship in 1993.

The church consists of a sanctuary and ancillary accommodation. The sanctuary has a wonderful atmosphere of lightness and space, due mainly to Wall hanging in Baljaffray Church Sanctuaryinnovative use of windows and lighting. The seating capacity of the sanctuary is approximately 280.

The wall hanging in the Sanctuary was produced by the Sewing and Knitting Group of Bearsden North Church. The ladies of this group all contributed towards ideas when planning this wall-hanging after our minister at the time, Keith Blackwood, intimated, at the start of the new Millennium, that he would like a banner for the Church.

The ancillary accommodation comprises four halls, one meeting room, vestry/ office, two kitchens and toilets.

The Sanctuary

All the rooms, including the sanctuary, have a high rate of use, seven days a week. In addition to its use by church organisations it is also widely used for secular purposes to serve the parish community, for example, care of children, language classes, keep fit classes, music and drama etc.

No large items of maintenance have been required although the kitchens have recently been upgraded and the property newly decorated.

The Church has private car parking and fenced off grassed play areas where children can play safely. There is also large car parking capacity at the adjacent shopping area.