Church Extension Project

The Extension project was completed in April 2014; this article tells the story of the project.

On the 11 October 2013 East Dunbartonshire Council’s Planning Department granted full planning permission for our project.

Work commences, December 2013

The last service took place in the current Sanctuary on Sunday 1 December 2013, and on the evening of 4th December2013 the sanctuary will be closed until further notice.

Prime Build commenced work around 7th November 2013, progress is steady and the project is currently just behind schedule due to the weather. 

Weather permitting the project should be finished by 14 March 2014, approximately 2 weeks behind. 

Joining up the roof - January 2014The full structures are now in place and the extension is taking shape. The breakthrough from old to new took place on 17/01/2014 and the building is now watertight.

Some internal work has commenced:

The kitchen has been designed by Howdens and is very much fit for purpose. The fitting of the kitchen has commenced and will be completed over the next few weeks.New kitchen under construction - January 2014

The main electrical cablehead has been relocated, enabling the corridor to be widened.

AV contractor SCENEngineering has been appointed to design a state of the art AV and lighting system for the whole church and they are working closely with Prime Build.

Corridor is wider now - January 2014The new chancel is being designed and, with the assistance of Prime Build, this part of the project should be commencing soon.

ARPL our appointed architects continue to act on our behalf as project manager. A recent site visit went very well and they are more than satified with both the progress and the quality of the work. They have reassured us that the delay is solely due to the weather. Session visit new sanctuary - January 2014

We continue to liaise with the external users of the building and it would be fair to say they have been very understanding and helpful in respect to the building works. one or two minor issues regarding noise have been resolved to the best of our ability.

Services continue in Baljaffray Primary School and after a few trial and errors we seem to be managing very well.